Breaking and Entering

“Jessi Mechanic is definitely a name to watch on the national scene.  With an abundance of talent, and through creating a name for herself in New York's indie scene, it may not be long before we see her take off to much bigger things."

Brooklyn Downtown Star

Used York City

“Not only do I LOVE her red lipstick ((cause you all know how I adore a good red lipstick)), but her music? She’s going places!”

Pens Eye View


"Here is a very talented band writing beautiful melodies and top-notch, deep lyrics with a lead singer with a pure, beautiful voice.  MORE PLEASE!!!"

Confront Magazine

"With her smooth vocals and catchy lyrics, you’ll definitely have Just Be stuck in your head for the next few days!"

Indie Minded

"Don’t let that “pop” classification trick you, Just Be definitely has a bit of edge and swagger to it."


This is Book’s Music

Scherzo TV

Barrelhouse Brooklyn